About Randall Kimball


“Writing is what makes thoughts turn into action”

Hailing from the Chicago North Side in the Rogers Park neighborhood, Randy Kim, creator of “Randall & Kimball,” shares his curiosity and journey as a queer-identified, Asian-American Chicagoan in his 30s. With Chicago serving as his inspirational backdrop, Randy observes a city that continues to evolve, and impacts those that are influential to its identity.

Randy’s first inspiration to write stemmed from watching his older cousin writing in her diary. As a shy kid growing up, he wanted an opportunity to write out his thoughts without fear of being shamed or criticized. “My journal became a gateway for my thoughts. The energy of transforming my thoughts into something visibly seen is like putting your finger into an electric socket.”

In the past, Randy has written and contributed to various written / online publications. He has lived abroad in South Korea for 3 years (2009-2012) as a former English teacher and expat volunteer leader for one of the orphanages and a home for domestic violence survivors. Recently, he has been involved in LGBTQ and other community issues in the Chicago Asian community.

On the name for his blog:

“I remembered coming back from an Oasis concert late at night, and took the long bus ride to my friend’s home that I would crash at. I kept hearing the bus at every stop going ‘_____ and Kimball and _______ and Kimball’ and I was thinking to myself, ‘I should just call my next blog, “Randall & Kimball” which is an obvious play on my name or an alter-ego of sort.”

The intentions for this blog:

“A healthy exchange of ideas, narratives, and dialogue. I view writing as an opportunity to connect, to empower, and to support folks. Being able to create and share my writing has been a cathartic experience each time. I hope to bring that experience to all of you.”


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